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YX-DL8810 Automatic infrared sulfur analyzer

YX-DL8810 Automatic infrared sulfur analyzer

Instrument standard configuration: 1 computer + 1 printer + 1 set of  YX-DL8810

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Scope of application
Suitable for power plants, coal mines, commodity inspection, environmental protection, geological exploration, metallurgy, papermaking, chemical industry, scientific research, education and other departments to determine the total sulfur content of coal, coke, petroleum and other substances.

Technical parameter
Measuring range: 0.01% ~ 40% (can be expanded according to user requirements)
Test method: infrared spectroscopy absorption method
Sulfur measurement resolution: 0.001%
Working furnace temperature: 1300℃
Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
Sample mass: 300±10mg (coal, coke) recommended 200±10mg, 100±10mg (petroleum products)
Sample delivery method: automatic sample delivery, sample abandonment
Number of samples: 70 samples can be placed at a time, cyclic stakeout, add, delete, and insert test samples at any time
Single sample analysis time: about 2min
Precision: in line with GB/T25214-2010 "Determination of Total Sulfur in Coal - Infrared Spectroscopy"
Accuracy: Within the uncertainty range of the standard sample
Power: ≤4KW
Working power supply: AC220V±22V/50Hzq
Dimensions (mm): 1240×660×6

Technical Features
● The MCPC control module is used to monitor the status of the instrument in real time, save the parameters of the instrument, and complete the test process independently without the intervention of the upper computer.
● Using ultra-low drift infrared cell, high precision and accuracy, easier operation;
● 70 samples can be placed at a time, which can be unattended;
● Exhaust gas can be discharged to avoid laboratory air pollution;
● Real-time monitoring of laboratory ambient temperature and humidity;
● The sample feeding system adopts imported servo electric cylinder design, which makes the sample feeding more stable and the failure rate is lower;
● Using three oxygen barrels, the experimental procedures such as air sealing, purging, and combustion are completed respectively, and the test results are accurate;
● Adopt imported air path components and optimized air path design to ensure the air tightness of the instrument;
● It can be connected to the laboratory management system, so that the balance data does not fall on the ground, and the test results are backed up and uploaded.


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