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ASTM D2274 FDR-0403 Distillate fuel oil oxidation stability tester (acceleration method)

ASTM D2274 FDR-0403 Distillate fuel oil oxidation stability tester (acceleration method)

Distillate fuel oil oxidation stability tester (acceleration method) according to SH/T0175, ASTM D2274 and other standards to determine the initial distillation point is not lower than 175 ℃, 90% point of the distillate temperature is not higher than 370℃ of the middle distillate fuel oil Inherent stability performance. That is, the ability of the sample to resist exposure to the atmosphere in the absence of environmental factors such as water or active metal surfaces and dirt.

  • Specification
  • Competitive Advantage

1. SH/T0175, ASTM D2274
2. Distillate fuel oil
3. 2.Petroleum, power, chemical, research, quality control and university


Technical Parameters 

Detection unit

Six units, water and gas independent control, improve efficiency

Constant temperature bath:

Metal bath system, clean and environmentally friendly

Temperature control accuracy

Room temperature -100 ± 0.1 ° C


Display mode

 LCD display

Timing system

Automatic timing, automatic voice prompts











1.The measuring instrument adopts liquid crystal display and Chinese/English operation interface.

2.Six sets of units are used to independently control the circulating water and gas source systems.

3.Using automatic timing system, when the system alarm prompts.

4.The black box allows the oxidation tube after the test to be directly placed therein and cooled at room temperature.

Competitive Advantage

Imported temperature controller with six sets of oxidation tubes, black box, automatic temperature control, metal bath, liquid crystal display, embedded operating system

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