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ASTM D5453 FDR-3301 Petroleum product sulfur content tester (UV fluorescence method)

ASTM D5453 FDR-3301 Petroleum product sulfur content tester (UV fluorescence method)

UV fluorescence sulfur tester is based on UV fluorescence measurement principle and the development of computer technology combined with a new generation of precision instruments, is currently the most advanced of the total sulfur content tester, in line with ASTM D5453, SH / T 0689 and other standards, the instrument is National total sulfur content of refined oil arbitration standards. Now widely used in the determination of total sulfur content of crude oil, hydrocarbons and fuel, petroleum, plastics, petrochemicals, food and so on.

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Measurement principle instrument uses ultraviolet fluorescence method,  when the sample is introduced into the pyrolysis furnace, cracking  occurred sample oxidation of sulfide which quantitatively converted to  sulfur dioxide, carried by a carrier gas, off which the water through a  membrane dryer, into the reaction chamber, sulfur dioxide absorbing  ultraviolet light energy into an excited state of sulfur dioxide (SO2  *), the fluorescence emission of sulfur dioxide when SO2 * to return to a  stable state, the energy released by a photomultiplier tube to receive,  and then the micro-current amplifier, computer data processing, the  amount of reaction with sulfur dioxide emission intensity is  proportional to the amount of sulfur dioxide and total sulfur content in  the sample is proportional, so the content of the sample can be  determined by measuring total sulfur emission intensity.

1. ASTM D5453, SH / T 0689
2. Petroleum products
3. Petroleum, power, chemical, research, quality control and university


Technical Parameters 

Power supply

220-240V, 50/60Hz

Measuring range:

0.2mg / L ~ 10000mg / L ~ percentage

Air source:

Argon: 99.999% Oxygen: 99.999%

Sample status:


Solid, liquid, gas (with corresponding injector)


Temperature range:


Room temperature ~ 1100 ℃ ± 3


Repeatability error:


0.2mg / LX <1.0mg / L ≤ ± 0.1mg / L

1.0mg / LX <10mg / L Cv10%

X10mg / L Cv5%















1. Computer-controlled operation, enabling interactive, data, peak shape can be automatically stored print.

2. The operating software can be connected with LIMIS system, automatic data transmission.

3. The instrument uses the new quartz pyrolysis tube, the injection volume can be increased to reduce measurement errors, increase the sensitivity of the instrument, higher repeatability.

4. Cooling fans, automatic switch, eliminating the need to wait for the shutdown to finish samples trouble, saving time and effort.

5. Darkroom system uses the latest technology, the key components imported detecting element to improve the detection accuracy and sensitivity of the instrument.


6. Equipment imported membrane dryer to absorb moisture, eliminating the need to frequently replace magnesium perchlorate of trouble, while reducing the leakage problem.


7. Using computer control of temperature, improve the instrument precision temperature control, and difficult to over-temperature.


8. Using air instead of water cooling, saving water resources.


9. Can be adjusted to take existing calibration curve calibrated using a standard sample after sample analysis.


Competitive Advantage

ASTM D5453、SH/T 0689
1. Largest manufacture in China, supply a whole set of lab equipment,accept any  
kinds of factory audit.
2. With R&D, Technology, Production, Sales, QC, After-sale service etc  
departments, provide comprehensive and professional services.
3. Import accessories from Bosch,Siemens,Omron, Honeywell, ABB and so on.
4. Own many independent patents and certificates.
5. Promise reasonable price and best products.
6. Focus on after-sale service, any question will get feedback within 24 hours.
7. Rich export experience.
8. Committed to build a global-well known brand, pay attention to feedback from every customer.

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