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ASTM D664 FDR-2272 Automatic acid number of petroleum products

ASTM D664 FDR-2272 Automatic acid number of petroleum products

Compliance with ASTM D664, SH / T 0251 "Determination of base number of petroleum products (perchloric acid potentiometric titration)" and GB / T 7304 "Petroleum products and lubricants and values assay (potentiometric titration)" standard experimental requirements.

  • Specification
  • Competitive Advantage

1. ASTM D664, SH / T 0251
2. Petroleum, power, chemical, research, quality control and university


Technical Parameters 

Measuring range


pH: (0.00 ~ 14.00) pH

mV: (- 1800 ~ 1800.0) mV

temperature: (- 5.0 ~ 105.0) ° C




pH: 0.01pH

mV: 0.1mV

temperature: 0.1 ° C


Basic error:


pH: ± 0.01pH ± 1

mV: ± 0.03% FS

Temperature: ± 0.3 ° C ± 1 word

Burette capacity Tolerance


10ml Buret: ± 0.025ml

20ml Buret: ± 0.035ml

Burette resolution


10ml Buret: 1/10000

20ml burette: 2/10000

Burette infusion or infusion rate

(50 ± 10) s (Buret full degrees)

Titration analysis repeatability


Titration control sensitivity

± 2 mV


(± 0.3mV ± 1 word) / 3h

Power source:

AC (220 ± 22) V, (50 ± 1) Hz











1. Using computer control system, special software English Windows interface, mouse, keyboard, man-machine dialogue, easy to understand.

2. Can be instantly displayed potential curve (EV), the first derivative curve (dE / dV) and electrode potential (E), titration volume (V), the titration results, etc.

3. Instrument by potentiometric titration automatically determine the titration end point and automatically calculate the results.

4. Memory pre-titration, preset end point titration, blank titration and manual titration and other models, can also create their own experiments dedicated mode according to user requirements to meet different experimental requirements.

5. Titration system using corrosion-resistant materials, can be a variety titration reaction. Selection of different electrode can be: acid-base titration, redox titration, precipitation titration, titration and pH measurement more complex titration, and other non-aqueous titration.

6. Automatic cleaning, automatic rehydration, automatic dosing value.

Competitive Advantage

Computer control, English interface, office operation, memory pre-titration, preset end point titration, blank titration, manual titration, etc. The instrument can be connected to an external printer to print measurement data, titration curves and calculation results.

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