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ASTM D1264 FDH-3901 Lubricating greases water washout characteristics tester

ASTM D1264 FDH-3901 Lubricating greases water washout characteristics tester

Applied standards: SH/T0109, ASTMD1264, IP215
Applied scope: testing grease resistance to water.
A sample of grease was placed in a ball bearing, which was then loaded into a bearing housing with a specified clearance and rotated at a speed of 600r / min ± 30r / min. The water at 38 ℃ or 79 ℃ was sprayed in the bearing sleeve at a rate of 5mL / s ± 0.5mL / s, and the water resistance of the grease was measured by the amount of grease washed away in 60min.

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Minimum Order Quantity:

1 Set



Packaging Details:

Hard carton,Standard export packing

Delivery Time:

30 days

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Supply Ability:

50 sets/month

1. ASTM D264
2. Crude Oil , lubricant oil
3. Petroleum, power, chemical, research, quality control and university


Technical Parameters 

Digital temperature control, temperature control range

Bath temperature ~ 100°C, the temperature control precision is ± 1°C

Precision flow control system, flow jet flow

5 ± 0.5ml / sec

Bearing speed

600 + 30r/min

Bearing specifications

204 type

Input power



1. the instrument is mainly composed of a temperature control system, water spraying system, a transmission mechanism, white steel bath and shell etc.

2. the instrument adopts PID temperature control system to control the temperature of the bath temperature, the temperature range is room temperature ~ 100, the temperature control precision is ± 2

3. the instrument can display the set temperature and the actual temperature, easy to carry out the temperature setting and temperature difference correction.

4. water spray circulation system using imported micro magnetic circulation pump, low noise, long working hours.

5. the transmission mechanism is driven by the motor through a belt of a set of bearing assembly.

6. the instrument appearance design is beautiful, generous, the structure design is reasonable, the operation is convenient, the result is accurate.


Competitive Advantage

1. Largest manufacture in China, supply a whole set of lab equipment,accept any  
kinds of factory audit.
2. With R&D, Technology, Production, Sales, QC, After-sale service etc  
departments, provide comprehensive and professional services.
3. Import accessories from Bosch,Siemens,Omron, Honeywell, ABB and so on.
4. Own many independent patents and certificates.
5. Promise reasonable price and best products.
6. Focus on after-sale service, any question will get feedback within 24 hours.
7. Rich export experience.
8. Committed to build a global-well known brand, pay attention to feedback from every customer.

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