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YX-GYFX7706D Automatic industrial analyzer

YX-GYFX7706D Automatic industrial analyzer

Instrument standard configuration: 1 computer + 1 printer + 1 set of YX-GYFX7706D

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It is used in power plants, coal mines, commodity inspection, environmental protection, chemical industry, scientific research, education and other departments to determine the moisture, ash and volatile content of coal, coke, petroleum and other substances, and automatically calculate the calorific value, fixed carbon and hydrogen content.

Tegniese parameter
Temperatuurbeheerreeks: RT+10~1000℃
Temperatuurbeheer akkuraatheid: ± 2 ℃
Sample mass: 0.5~1.2g, recommended: 1±0.1g
Number of samples: 20/batch
Test time: 240min/20 samples
Working power supply: AC 220V±22V/50Hz
Krag: ≤4kW
Afmetings (mm): 630×560×580
Gewig (kg): 90

tegniese eienskappe
● Adopt MCPC control module and balance display module to monitor the status of the instrument in real time, save the instrument parameters, complete the test process independently, without the intervention of the host computer, realize offline operation, and self-diagnosis reminder of the instrument, which greatly improves the reliability of the instrument;
● Using stepper motor and high-precision angle encoder control system (utility model patent number: 2017205786217), accurate positioning and fast sample weighing;
● Met die afskakelgeheuefunksie sal die toetsdata nie verlore gaan as die toetsproses onverwags onderbreek word nie, en die toets kan outomaties voltooi word wanneer die krag aangeskakel word;
● The use of distributed intelligent smoke exhaust interface can more effectively exhaust smoke and dust, and is more environmentally friendly;
● Met behulp van PID temperatuur beheer algoritme, die temperatuur beheer akkuraatheid is hoër;
● Adopt automatic flip device to avoid high temperature radiation and burns of operators;
● Using thermogravimetric analysis method, automatic sample weighing, automatic sample delivery, automatic data processing, result calculation, report printing and storage, etc., to achieve unattended;
● Dit kan aan die laboratoriumbestuurstelsel gekoppel word, sodat die balansdata nie op die grond val nie, en die toetsresultate word gerugsteun en opgelaai.


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