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ASTM D525 FDR-0181 Automatic gasoline oxidation stability tester (induction period method)

ASTM D525 FDR-0181 Automatic gasoline oxidation stability tester (induction period method)

Automatic gasoline oxidation stability tester is based on national standards GB / T 8018-87 Requirements "Determination of oxidation stability of gasoline (induction period method)" under the design and manufacture of, for the determination of accelerated oxidation conditions in accordance with GB / T8018 standard By oxidation stability of gasoline. The instrument is also in line with ASTM D525 standard.

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1. ISO5736,ASTM D525,DIN51781
2. Petrol
3. Petroleum, krag, chemiese, navorsing, gehaltebeheer en universiteit


Tegniese Parameters 


Notebooks control


Automatic inflation, deflation, automatic detection, automatic identification results, print reports

Metal bath temperature control point

100 ℃ ± 1 ℃

Oxygen bomb pressure transmitter measuring range

 0 ~ 1600kPa, accuracy ± 0.2 ‰


With a glass mercury thermometer can then be corrected according to Department of degrees


 ≤30 ℃




AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz

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1.Using computer control technology, automatically detect, calculate and control, simple machine operation, precise control, high degree of automation series of advantages.


2.Using the most advanced USB interface with a computer connected to the easy to use


3.Using a metal bath, no pollution, no water, the operation is more convenient


4.The use of sound insulation system design, saving energy and avoiding the risk of burns to the operator


5.Oxygen bomb test assembly with integrated design, not only greatly shortens the oil and gas pipeline pressure test, the pressure detection more accurate, but due to the high sealability manual needle use, we can guarantee the testing process oxygen bomb a good seal, the test accuracy is guaranteed


6.Automatic inflatable, air supply device, automatic leak detection function


7.Curve real-time monitoring of temperature and pressure, visual display of the position of the inflection point, accurate determination result.

Mededingende voordeel

Computer control, metal bath, automatic display of pressure curve, automatic printing, two oxygen bombs

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