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GB/T 384,FDR-4251 Outomatiese petroleumprodukte-kaloriewaardetoetser

GB/T 384,FDR-4251 Outomatiese petroleumprodukte-kaloriewaardetoetser

Automatic petroleum products calorific value meter in line with GB / T384, for electric power, coal, paper, petrochemical, cement, agriculture and animal husbandry, medical research, teaching and other industries and sectors measuring the calorific value of coal, oil and other combustibles.

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1. GB / T384
2. Petroleumprodukte
3. Petroleum, krag, chemiese, navorsing, gehaltebeheer en universiteit


Tegniese Parameters 

Temperatuur reeks:

5 ~ 40

Temperatuur resolusie:


Heat capacity precision:


Test of time:

The main stage around 8min


Outomatiese opsporing









1. The instrument configuration ampoule capsule exclusive national standards were tested on biodiesel and other light detecting volatile oil, the accuracy is greatly improved. It is an alternative of traditional Calorimeter of volatile oil sample test results excessive deviation device of choice. (Customer when ordering, please indicate the test sample)

2. The high degree of automation: automatic temperature control, automatic and accurate quantification of water within the cylinder, automatic cycle inner tube water level automatically determine the outer cylinder, manual operation only for said sample weight, loaded aerobic bombs, other fully automatic control performed by the instrument ,Convenient.

3. High precision: using accurate temperature measurement system, temperature resolution of up to 0.0001 , to achieve accurate measurements.



4. The test results are stable and reliable: the standard correction formula, the result is true and reliable.



5. Powerful software: a self-diagnostic function, with clear operating and status prompts, can be a variety of data processing calorific needs.



6. Oxygen bomb structure: Friends specially dedicated oxygen bomb, can be pre-ignition wire is bad, resulting in the phenomenon of the test can not be normal. Improve work efficiency.



7. Using new compact automatic oxygen bomb oxygenation device, without manual pressure



8. Reserved standard interfaces: Electronic scales can sample weight automatically entered; can be easily coupled to a local area network. Asynchronous multi-control technology, a computer controlled multiple automatic cylinder or our other instruments

Mededingende voordeel

1. No need to manually guard, automatically prompt the ignition state;
2. Automatically weigh the inner cylinder water, no manual weighing;
3. The independent water circulation system, automatically adjust the water temperature, so that the water temperature remains relatively constant, reducing environmental impact;
1. Grootste vervaardiging in China, verskaf 'n hele stel laboratoriumtoerusting, aanvaar enige  
soorte fabrieksoudit.
2. Met R&D, Tegnologie, Produksie, Verkope, QC, Na-verkope diens ens  
departemente, verskaf omvattende en professionele dienste.
3. Voer bykomstighede in vanaf Bosch, Siemens, Omron, Honeywell, ABB ensovoorts.
4. Besit baie onafhanklike patente en sertifikate.
5. Belowe billike prys en beste produkte.
6. Fokus op naverkoopdiens, enige vraag sal binne 24 uur terugvoer kry.
7. Ryk uitvoerervaring.
8. Toegewyd om 'n wêreldwye bekende handelsmerk te bou, let op terugvoer van elke kliënt.

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