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ASTM D2272 FDH-0171 Tester automaticu di stabilità à l'ossidazione di l'oliu lubrificante

ASTM D2272 FDH-0171 Tester automaticu di stabilità à l'ossidazione di l'oliu lubrificante

The instrument is the first domestic product, instead of the original paper recorder, the instrument uses LCD touch screen automatic control system, the operator as long as the sample into the instrument, the instrument automatically detects, prints the results, the whole process without manual conduct. The principle is to put the sample, distilled water and copper catalyst coil into the glass tube together, and then put it into the oxygen bomb, oxygen bombs at room temperature filled with oxygen, into the specified temperature of the oil bath, oxygen bombs and Horizontal plane into a 30 degree angle, oxygen bomb speed to reach 100r / min. When the required pressure drop is reached, the recording time is stopped and the test is stopped as the oxidation stability of the sample.

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Postu d 'Orighjini:

Changsha, Cina

Name Marca:


Nombre Modèle:





Ordine Minimum Quantità:

1 Set


8000 ~ 13000 $

Imballaggi Details:

Cartone duru, imballaggio standard per l'esportazione

Time delivery:

ghjorni 30

Cunnizzioni Pudeti:

TT, L / C

Ability Ability:

50 seti / mesi

1. SH / T0193-92, ASTM D2272
3. Petroleum, putenza, chimica, ricerca, cuntrollu di qualità è università

quaternu di carichi:

login tecnica 


AC220V ± 10%

Heating tube power


Measuring range of pressure sensor

0 ~ 1.6MPa, precision: ± 2 ‰

Temperature range of oil bath

room temperature ~ 200.0 ℃ continuously adjustable, commonly 150.0 ℃.

Precisione di cuntrollu di temperatura

± 0.1 ℃

Two bombs designed

it can do two samples at the same time, facilitate parallel test

Rotation speed of mechanism

100 ± 5r / min.

Angle between the oxygen bomb and horizontal

30 °



Volume of oil bath










1. the instrument uses the import of two-way rotating liquid sealing technology, so that the pressure sensor and oxygen bombs connected with the rapid rotation of the same time and can achieve cable transmission signal, different from the traditional carbon brush slip ring, no wear, the signal is not distorted, Durable

2. large-screen color LCD display, and can be arbitrarily adjust the height and pitch angle of the user-friendly design, according to the needs of different operators and habits, at any time to adjust the height of the LCD screen and pitch angle in order to operate and monitor the instrument to meet customer personality Of the demand

3. automatic touch-sensing system for human-computer communication, and constantly meet customer advanced equipment, easy to operate the needs

4. fully automatic operation, the whole process without manual duty, automatic detection, automatic oxidation curve display, automatic storage, print test results

5. the instrument has a menu prompt operation, data processing, data storage, fault self-diagnosis, printing and other functions

6. embedded operating system, running more stable, more humane

7. circuit protection system, to avoid damage to the instrument due to current or voltage instability, to the greatest extent to ensure the safety of the instrument


Advantage competitiva

1. A più grande fabricazione in Cina, furnisce un inseme sanu di l'equipaggiu di labburatoriu, accettà qualsiasi
tipi di audit di fabbrica.
2. Cù R & D, Tecnulugia, Pruduzzione, Vendita, QC, serviziu dopu-vendita etc  
dipartimenti, furnisce servizii cumpleti è prufessiunali.
3. Import accessori da Bosch, Siemens, Omron, Honeywell, ABB è cusì.
4. Pruprietà assai patenti è certificati indipendenti.
5. Prumessu prezzu raghjone è megliu prudutti.
6. Focus nantu à u serviziu dopu à a vendita, ogni quistione riceverà feedback in 24 ore.
7. Rich spirienza esportazione.
8. Impegnatu à custruisce una marca mundiale ben cunnisciuta, fate attenzione à i feedback da ogni cliente.

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