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בודק מימן אוטומטי YX-CQ5200

בודק מימן אוטומטי YX-CQ5200

Instrument standard configuration: 1 computer + 1 printer + 1 set of YX-CQ5200

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היקף היישום
Suitable for power plants, coal mines, commodity inspection, environmental protection, geological exploration, metallurgy, papermaking, chemical industry, scientific research, education and other departments to determine the content of hydrogen in solid substances such as coal and coke.

פרמטר טכני
Measuring range: Hydrogen: 0~20%
טווח בקרת טמפרטורה: RT+10~850℃
דיוק בקרת טמפרטורה: ± 2.5 ℃
Single sample analysis time: 8 ~ 15min
Measurement repeatability: Had≤0.15%
Film electrolysis voltage: 10±1V
Working electrolytic voltage: 24±1V
Working voltage: AC220V±22V/50Hz
הספק: ≤2kW
מידות (מ"מ): 920 × 470 × 440
משקל המארח (ק"ג): 47

מאפיינים טכניים
● Using Coulomb method to measure hydrogen;
● The measurement is fast, accurate and repeatable than the national standard GB/T476-2008;
● Integrated structure design, beautiful appearance, easy operation and extremely low failure rate;
● The polarity of electrolysis is automatically switched, and no cathode mud will be produced;
● Automatically change the power supply voltage with the change of the electrolysis voltage, making the power supply more reliable;
● With unique air cooling device, easy to use;
● Using USB bus technology, it can form a comprehensive tester with other instruments to realize one machine with multiple controls;
● It can be connected to the laboratory management system, so that the balance data does not fall, and the test results are backed up and uploaded.


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