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YX-DL8710 Automatic sulfur analyzer

YX-DL8710 Automatic sulfur analyzer

Instrument standard configuration: 1 computer + 1 printer + 1 set of YX-DL8710

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היקף היישום
Suitable for power plants, coal mines, commodity inspection, environmental protection, geological exploration, metallurgy, papermaking, chemical industry, scientific research, education and other departments to determine the total sulfur content of coal, coke, petroleum, solid hazardous waste and other substances.

פרמטר טכני
Measuring range: 0.01%~40%
Test method: Coulometric titration
Sulfur measurement resolution: 0.001%
זמן ניתוח מדגם בודד: כ-4 דקות
Working furnace temperature: 1150°C (coal, coke), 900°C (oil)
דיוק בקרת טמפרטורה: ± 2 ℃
Sample mass: 50±5mg (coal, coke), 100±10mg (petroleum products)
Sample delivery method: automatic weighing, automatic sample delivery
Number of samples: 24/batch, samples can be added/replaced during the test
Accuracy: in line with GB/T214-2007 "Determination of Total Sulfur in Coal"
ספק כוח עובד: AC220V±22V/50Hz
הספק: ≤3kW
מידות (מ"מ): 640 × 570 × 820
מסה של כל המכונה (ק"ג): 94

מאפיינים טכניים
● The MCPC control module and touch screen are used to monitor the instrument status in real time, save the instrument parameters, and complete the test process independently without the intervention of the host computer, realize offline operation, and self-diagnosis reminder of the instrument, which greatly improves the reliability of the instrument;
● Built-in electrolyte automatic loading and unloading device, realize automatic loading and unloading of electrolyte without manual intervention;
● עם פונקציית הזיכרון לכיבוי, נתוני הבדיקה לא יאבדו אם תהליך הבדיקה יופסק באופן בלתי צפוי, וניתן להשלים את הבדיקה אוטומטית עם הפעלת החשמל;
● Realize that samples can be added at any time during the test process, which greatly improves work efficiency and saves time and cost;
● Built-in electronic balance automatically weighs samples, and has a platform-type large-window setting-out platform, which makes weighing samples easier and more convenient;
● שימוש במנוע צעד ובמערכת בקרת מקודד זווית דיוק גבוהה (מספר פטנט של דגם שירות: 2017205786217), מיקום מדויק ושקילת דגימות מהירה;
● With the function of isolating heat radiation, it can effectively prevent the influence of heat radiation of high temperature furnace on the sample, thereby improving the measurement accuracy;
● Equipped with multi-point sensors, which can detect and display the ambient temperature and humidity in real time;
● It can be connected to the laboratory management system to realize the backup and upload of test results;
● It can be used to determine the total sulfur content in samples such as solid hazardous wastes.


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