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ASTM D2700, ASTM D2699 FDR-3562 בודק אוקטן (מנוע / שיטת מחקר)

ASTM D2700, ASTM D2699 FDR-3562 בודק אוקטן (מנוע / שיטת מחקר)

Gasoline octane number (gasoline number) is an agreed value for indicating the antiknock performance of gasoline. The most important quality index of motor gasoline is one of the core contents in the analysis of oil specifications. It is measured in a standard engine test under specified operating conditions by comparison with a standard fuel. According to the requirements of GB/T503, GB/T5487, ASTM D2699, and ASTM D2700, it is divided into motor octane number and research method octane number.

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1. GB/T503, GB/T5487, ASTM D2699, and ASTM D2700
2. בֶּנזִין
3. נפט, חשמל, כימיקלים, מחקר, בקרת איכות ואוניברסיטה

פירוט מוצר:

פרמטרים טכניים 

טווח מדידה

50~100 octane number


Motor method and research method

Cylinder inner diameter


שבץ צילינדר


Engine exhaust


Compression ratio range

4: 1 ~ 12: 1

טווח מהירות מנוע


900 ± 9r / min (motor method)

600±6r/min (motor method)

The rated power of the whole machine



380 ± 10% VAC, 50 ± 1Hz














1.Using computer touch screen operation, human-machine friendly communication interface


2.The screen interface displays the changes of the experimental parameter indicators in real time and monitors them at any time.

3.Automatic & jog adjustment compression ratio, with limited protection

4.Using FLD modular design, motor method and research method can be switched at will;

5.Automatically generate experimental reports, automatic printout

6.Configure SE air filtration system to provide dust-free, dry and constant temperature gas in accordance with the standard;

7.The professional knock signal sensor FDT-DS adopts industrial standard design, which is more stable and reliable;

8. Configure a special Flander knock detection system to ensure zero adjustment, magnification, and widening of the knock signal. The repeatability of the instrument is less than 0.2/R octane.

9. Magnetic induction ignition is used to make the knocking ignition time in the test more precise.

10. Configure the FAD security protection system for emergency protection under abnormal conditions to protect the safety of operators;

11. The equipment adopts humanized design, and customers can also choose low temperature test tank and cooling water circulation system according to their needs.



יתרון תחרותי

Bench tester, using embedded computer system, infrared touch-type large-screen TFT human-machine dialogue, using research method detection (interpolation method and compression ratio method can be detected), in line with the latest standard, cylinder diameter 82.55mm

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