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ASTM D2700,ASTM D 613 FDR-3601 בודק מספר אוקטן ומספר צטאן נייד

ASTM D2700,ASTM D 613 FDR-3601 בודק מספר אוקטן ומספר צטאן נייד

Octane meets the requirements of: ASTM D 2699-86, ASTM D 2700-86 cetane number measured in line with:. ASTM D 4737-03, ASTM D 613, EN ISO 5165, measuring principle is that for gasoline octane and charge characteristics of the insulating magnetic permeability diesel cetane number of analytical measurements and electromagnetic induction out. By measuring the dielectric properties of the sample, with the presence of known parameter memory compared so as to determine the results.

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1. ASTM D2700,ASTM D 613
2. Gasoline , diesel
3. נפט, חשמל, כימיקלים, מחקר, בקרת איכות ואוניברסיטה

פירוט מוצר:

פרמטרים טכניים 

טווח גילוי


Octane: 40-120 (accuracy 0.5),

cetane number: 20-100 (accuracy 1)


The detection time


<3sec, detection current: 30mA,


טמפרטורת סביבה


-10 ~ + 40

לחות יחסית


30% ~ 80% R.H.















1.Innovative silicon quartz crystal polymer material ring-type detection probe, detection resolution more sensitive and can detect tiny changes in dielectric parameters

2.The annular intensive multi-probe testing, real-time detection of the sample parameters, controlled by strict anti-spreader, the unique design of multi-point dynamic coefficient of self-calibration technology and precision mechanical structure, the result is more accurate


3. Innovation introduced the US imports XECOM data processing chip, powerful, fast and accurate processing of data can be stored experimental results


4.Display real-time detection of gasoline octane number RON, MON and antiknock index (AKI), as well as pour point diesel fuel cetane index

5.SA intelligent battery management system, long standby time on a single charge can be used for 1000 hours to facilitate customers to carry, Outdoor Detection



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Test octane and cetane number in one portable meter
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