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FDT-0293 Automatic Optiflash Abel Flash Point Tester
FDT-0293 Automatic Optiflash Abel Flash Point Tester
FDT-0293 Automatic Optiflash Abel Flash Point Tester

FDT-0293 Automatic Optiflash Abel Flash Point Tester

The Apparatus is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the GB/T21789, IP 170,ISO13736 "Petroleum products and other liquids-Determination of flash point-Abel closed cup method", which can meet petroleum, chemical, paint, railway, aviation, The requirements for rapid testing of closed flashpoints of petroleum products by electricity, commodity inspection, military and scientific research units.

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מקום מוצא:

צ'אנגשה, סין

שם המותג:


מספר דגם:




סט 1


20000-30000 $
פרטי אריזה:Hard Carton, Export Standard
זמן משלוח:
ימי 30
תנאי תשלום:
ת / ת; L / C
אספקת יכולת:


1.GB/T 21789  ISO 13736  GB/T 27847

2. Diesel, Lubricant Oil

3. Petroleum, Power, Chemical, Research Institution, Quality Control, And University


כוח עבודה:AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz
טווח:30 ~ 70℃;
רזולוציה:0.1 ℃
מצב קירור:compressor refrigeration, automatic cycle
Ignition mode:electric/gas ignition
טמפרטורת סביבה:10-45 ℃
לחות בסביבה
צריכת חשמל:500W

יתרון תחרותי:

1.This instrument can perform experiments on different types of samples and standards, and it can also customize the sample stirring speed

2.The heating of the instrument is more uniform and the heating rate is more accurate

This instrument ensures that the ambient temperature of the furnace body is consistent

3.The instrument will automatically prompt when there is a failure, and the over-temperature range can be set at will

4.The instrument comes with real-time simulation and tracking to display the function curve of heating and test time

5.This instrument ensures that the platinum wire heats up to the same amount of heat and improves the accuracy of the instrument

6.This instrument can be set according to different sample standard requirements

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