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YX-DL8500 Automatic sulfur analyzer

YX-DL8500 Automatic sulfur analyzer

Instrument standard configuration: 1 computer + 1 printer + 1 set of YX-DL8500

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अर्ज करण्याची व्याप्ती
Suitable for power plants, coal mines, commodity inspection, environmental protection, geological exploration, metallurgy, papermaking, chemical industry, scientific research, education and other departments to determine the total sulfur content of coal, coke, petroleum, solid hazardous waste and other substances.

तांत्रिक पॅरामीटर
Measuring range: 0.01%~40%
Test method: Coulometric titration
सल्फर मापन रिझोल्यूशन: 0.001%
एकल नमुना विश्लेषण वेळ: सुमारे 4 मिनिटे
Working furnace temperature: 1150°C (coal, coke), 900°C (oil)
तापमान नियंत्रण अचूकता: ± 2
नमुना वस्तुमान: 50±5mg (कोळसा, कोक), 100±10mg (पेट्रोलियम उत्पादने)
नमुना वितरण पद्धत: स्वयंचलित नमुना वितरण, नमुना त्याग
नमुन्यांची संख्या: 19/बॅच, चाचणी दरम्यान नमुने जोडले/बदलले जाऊ शकतात
Accuracy: in line with GB/T214-2007 "Determination of Total Sulfur in Coal"
कार्यरत वीज पुरवठा: AC220V±22V/50Hz
पॉवर: ≤3kW
परिमाण (मिमी): 1010 × 500 × 380
संपूर्ण मशीनचे वस्तुमान (किलो): 78

तांत्रिक वैशिष्ट्ये
● Adopting a horizontal integrated structure, the automatic sample feeding, sample feeding mechanism, high temperature cracking furnace, electrolytic cell, agitator, air purification system and other components are skillfully combined, making the instrument structure more compact, more reasonable and more stable;
● Using a special flat-bottom corundum porcelain boat to reduce the possibility of jamming. Program control realizes automatic heating, temperature control, sample delivery, and measurement, and the results are automatically saved and printed, and samples can be added in the middle, which greatly improves work efficiency and truly realizes unattended operation;
● Coulometric titration method is used for measurement, and the measurement time can be automatically judged according to different samples, and the speed is better than that of Ashka gravimetry and high temperature combustion neutralization method;
● Adopt linear electrolyte molecular concentration acquisition circuit to effectively solve the problem of over-electrolysis;
● Adopt non-contact switch, with burnout protection, hardware over-temperature protection and electrolyte backflow prevention measures;
● The multi-point dynamic coefficient correction method is adopted to ensure higher accuracy of the test results of coal with high, medium and low sulfur content;
● It can be connected to the laboratory management system, so that the balance data     does not fall to the ground, and the test results are backed up and uploaded;
● It can be used to determine the total sulfur content in samples such as solid hazardous wastes.


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