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GB/T3727-2003 FDT-2071 Madzi owala jekeseni ya hydrocarbon

GB/T3727-2003 FDT-2071 Madzi owala jekeseni ya hydrocarbon

Liquid hydrocarbons traces of water analysis has been connected with the cylinder capillary water bath gasification were analyzed by reduction method. This is a more feasible approach.

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Flash vaporization injector is our new design, manufacture products,  using SCM control, aided by high-precision mass flow meter, able to  quickly and accurately control the flow rate and totalized flow, such as  olefins successfully solved this trace water analysis a technical  problem. And its easy operation, accurate measurement to obtain full  recognition by the industry.The instrument used liquid hydrocarbons pretreatment prior to analysis,  the liquid sample is converted to other components, constant  temperature, constant pressure, can control the flow of gaseous  hydrocarbons in order to facilitate the determination. This product is  suitable for sample preparation prior to analysis of various items of  the following:

1. Ethylene, propylene and butene isomers in trace analysis of water;
2. Various types of olefin polymerization grade or liquefied petroleum gas in trace oxygen, trace sulfur analysis;
3. Various types of polymer grade olefins trace of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide analysis;
4. Liquid hydrocarbon composition analysis.
5. As for the permanent gases: nitrogen, hydrogen, air and other trace water analysis.

Malo Oyamba:

Changa, China

Name Brand:


Number Model:

Chithunzi cha FDT-2071




Mawerengedwe Ochepa Ochepa:

1 Ikani



Zomwe Zidalumikiza:

Katoni yolimba, kulongedza kwa Standard export

Nthawi Yobweretsera:(KULEADING)


Terms malipiro:

T / T, L / C

Perekani Mphamvu:


1. GB/T3727-2003
2. Mafuta, mafuta odzola, kuyesa
3. Mafuta, mphamvu, mankhwala, kafukufuku, kulamulira khalidwe ndi yunivesite


luso magawo

The display mode

LCD large-screen LCD displays.


Instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, instantaneous flow presets, preset totalizer, metal bath gasification chamber temperature, preset temperature.

The instantaneous flow rate range

0-1000SCCM (ml), users can request custom processing.

The cumulative flow range

0-99999SCCM (ml), users can request custom processing.

Kulondola kwa kuyeza koyenda

± 1.0% (F.S).

Fhe gasification chamber temperature range

Room temperature -100 ℃.

The temperature measurement accuracy

0.5 ℃

Kugwiritsa ntchito chilengedwe

Temperature 5 ℃ -35 ℃; humidity below 75%.

The use of power

220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 1Hz.


1. the use of large-screen LCD, the friendly man-machine communication interface

2. real-time display the contents of the various parameters, user-friendly real-time understanding of experimental data

3. using imported flow meter control program, more accurate experimental data

4. Friends single chip control system, instrumentation stable

5. can be configured to trace moisture, dew point, chromatography and other devices, widely used

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